VCT Strip N Wax

 Shine N Dry is committed to providing the most thorough Professional VCT Strip and Wax service for discriminating area residential and commercial customers. In order to keep vinyl composite flooring in the best possible condition, regularly scheduled strip and wax treatment is highly recommended. Smart home and business owners turn to Shine N Dry because our Professional VCT Strip and Wax service offers numerous advantages that others don't.

VCT floors that are faded, stained and reflect the dirt and yellowing that comes from heavy traffic need the kind of high quality Professional VCT Strip and Wax treatment that Shine N Dry can provide on a regular basis. Our cost is also affordable for home and business owners alike. Our specialty is transforming vinyl composite flooring that has become an embarrassment into flooring that is a source of pride again.

Shine N Dry offers customers a level of service unmatched by any competitors. My expertise can spot problem areas at first glance and my thorough cleaning techniques extend even to hidden, out of the way areas of flooring. The result is that our customers enjoy the highest quality of workmanship that will clean, strip and protect their flooring with a wax coating that not only makes the floor look clean and polished but also extends its ability to hold up to daily high traffic. All of our Professional VCT Strip and Wax Services are accompanied by our unqualified guarantee of customer satisfaction. There is no need to live with ugly, stained or yellowed vinyl flooring when it is easy, convenient and affordable to use Comfort Cleans It high quality Professional VCT Strip and Wax service.

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